Knot Bracelet 2

Women Siver/Gold

Knot Bracelet 2

For over 1 000 years, in many parts of Africa, it is believed that wearing this traditional piece of African jewellery would protect you from harm and bring you great fortune.

Each hair (or strand) represents certain aspects of the wearer’s life, such as love, health or wealth. The knots in the bracelet represent hands holding the strands together.

Based on the traditional elephant hair bracelet design, this stunning piece is handmade from Sterling silver and 14ct gold-filled wire designed by Mokoro Crafts in Botswana. The sliding knots adjust to the wrist size of the wearer, making for a perfect fit or an ideal gift.

This bracelet is accompanied with a Certificate of Authenticity, which details the day it was hand-made, describes the precious metals used, and displays the individual series number unique to that bracelet. This certificate also serves as a lifetime guarantee.

Size: Women, 3 strands(2 silver 1 gold), 2 gold knots

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